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George Orwell

A Brief History Of Neoliberalism
David Harvey

A Companion To Marx's Capital
David Harvey

A Concise History Of The Middle East
Arthur Goldschmidt

A Different Kind Of War Story
Carolyn Nordstrom

A Documentary History Of The United States
Richard Heffner

A History Of Modern Germany
Dietrich Orlow

A Modern History Of The Islamic World
Reinhard Shulze

A Terrible Revenge
Alfred-Maurice de Zayas

After Hegemony
Robert Keohane

Alain Badiou The Last Great Revolution
Robin Wright

All The Shah's Men
Stephen Kinzer

America Purpose And Power
Gene Martin Lyons

An All-Consuming Century
Gary Cross

An Arab-Syrian Gentleman and Warrior in the Period of the Crusades
Philip Hitti

An Empire If You Can Keep It
Thomas Magstadt

An Introduction To Persian
Wheeler Thackston

Baghdad Without A Map
Tony Horwitz

Being Modern In Iran
Fariba Adelkhah

Bin Laden The Man Who Declared War On America
Yossef Bodansky

Born To Buy
Juliet B. Schor

Branded Nation
James B. Twitchell

Brotherhood Of The Bomb
Gregg Herken

Capital Volume 1
Karl Marx

Capitalism Socialism And Democracy
Joseph Schumpeter

Chronicles Of The Crusades
Multiple Authors

City Of Panic
Paul Virilio

Clued Into Politics
Christine Barbour Matthew Streb

Niall Ferguson

Comments On The Society Of The Spectacle
Guy Debord

Democracies In Flux
Robert Putnam

Democracy And Democratization

Democracy And Its Critics
Robert Dahl

Desert Screen
Paul Virilio

Disarming Iraq
Hans Blix

Does America Need A Foreign Policy
Henry Kissinger

Antonio Negri Michael Hardt

Empire Of Capital
Ellen Meiksins Wood

Essential Works Of Lenin
Vladimir Lenin

Samir Amin

Fahrenheit 451
Ray Bradbury

Fall Of The Peacock Throne
William Forbis

Fear Of Small Numbers
Arjun Appadurai

First As Tragedy Then As Farce
Slavoj Zizek

For They Know Not What They Do
Slavoj Zizek

Forging Democracy from Below
Elisabeth Jean Wood

Foucault A Very Short Introduction
Multiple Authors

Globalization And Its Discontents
Saskia Sassen


Hannah Arendt Centenary
Multiple Authors

Heart Of Darkness
Joseph Conrad

John Hersey

Imagined Communities
Benedict Anderson

Joseph Schumpeter

In Defense Of Lost Causes
Slavoj Zizek

In The Name Of God The Khomeini Decade
Robin Wright

International Relations In A Constructed World
Multiple Authors

Intimate Relationships
Sharon Brehm

Inventing Iraq
Toby Dodge

Iran Under The Ayatollahs
Dilip Hiro

Islam And Christianity

Islam And Human Rights Tradition And Politics
Ann Elizabeth Mayer

Islam Faith Practice And History

Islam Review From The Edge
Richard Bulliet

Islamic Teachings In Brief
Allamah Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Tabataba'i

Journey Into The Whirlwind
Yevgenia Ginzberg

Key Concepts In Critical Theory Imperialism
Multiple Authors

Raymond Williams

Ervand Abrahamian

Lenin's Tomb
David Remnick

Life As Politics
Asef Bayat

Living In The End Times
Slavoj Zizek

Makers Of Modern Strategy From Machiavelli To The Nuclear Age
Peter Paret

Making Globalization Work
Joseph Stiglitz

Making Islam Democratic
Asef Bayat

Mobilizing Islam
Carrie Wickham

My Bondage And My Freedom
Frederick Douglass

Nationalism And The Imagination
Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak

Neo Liberalism And Its Critics
Robert Keohane

New Meanings Of Death
Herman Feifel

On Revolution
Hannah Arendt

On Sovereignty
Jean Bodin

On Television
Pierre Bourdieu

Ordinary Men
Christopher Browning

Edward Said

Peripheral Vision
Lisa Wedeen

Persian Mirrors
Elaine Sciolino

Philosophy Of Right
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Political Concepts
Felix Oppenheim

Political Essays
John Locke

Political Liberalism
John Rawls


Michel Foucault

Questions Of Modernity
Timothy Mitchell

Bryan Wilson

Rationalizing Capitalist Democracy
S. M. Amadae

Reasons And Revolution
Herbert Marcuse

Relationships A Dialectical Perspective
Robert Hinde

Rich Media Poor Democracy
Robert W. McChesney

Russian History
Neil Heyman

Seeing Like A State
James Scott

Shah Of Shahs
Ryszard Kapuscinski

Shakespeare, Einstein, and the Bottom Line
David L. Kirp

Hamid Dabashi

Jean Baudrillard

Slavoj Zizek A Critical Introduction
Ian Parker

Peter Trudgill

Soul By Soul Life Inside The Antebellum Slave Market
Walter Johnson

Anna Funder

Ahmed Rashid

The 20 Years Crisis
Edward Carr

The 911 Report
Thomas Kean

The Age Of Extremes
Eric Hobsbawm

The Arab Histories Of The Crusades
Francesco Gabrieli

The Art Of War In The Western World
Archer Jones

The Athenian Constitution

The Civil War In France
Karl Marx

The Classes Civilizations
Samuel Huntington

The Colonizer And The Colonized
Albert Memmi

The Communist Hypothesis
Alain Badiou

The Complete Writings Of Thucydides

The Concept Of The Political
Carl Schmitt

The Consumer Society Reader
Juliet B. Schor D. B. Holt

The Early History Of Rome

The End Of History And The Last Man
Francis Fukuyama

The End Of Nature
Bill Mckibben

The Face Of Battle
John Keegan

The Faith Of The Faithless
Simon Critchley

The Great Accelerator
Paul Virilio

The Harvard Guide To Modern Psychiatry

The Harvest Of Sorrow
Robert Conquest

The Islamic Bomb

The Kissinger Transcripts
William Burr

The Leviathan
Thomas Hobbes

The Logic Of Political Survival
Bruce Bueno de Mesquita

The Marx Engels Reader
Robert Tucker

The Meaning Of Hitler
Sebastian Haffner

The New Concise History Of The Crusades
Thomas Madden

The New Imperialism
David Harvey

The Origins Of Totalitarianism
Hannah Arendt

The Paradox Of American Power
Joseph Nye

The Parallax View
Slavoj Zizek

The Persian Puzzle
Kenneth Pollack

The Philosophers Habit

The Republic

The Rise And Fall Of The Great Powers
Paul Kennedy

The Rise And Fall Of The Shah

The Shahs Last Ride
William Shawcross

The Social Contract
Jean Jacques Rousseau

The Society Of The Spectacle
Guy Debord

The Spread Of Nuclear Weapons
Scott Douglas Sagan Kenneth N. Waltz

The Terrorists In Search Of Humanity
Faisal Devji

The Turban For The Crown
Saïd Amir Arjomand

The Verso Book Of Dissent
Multiple Authors

The Wages Of Whiteness
David Roediger

The Wealth Of Nations
Adam Smith

The Wretched Of The Earth
Franz Fanon

Theories Of International Relations
Multiple Authors

This Time It Went Too Far
Norman Finkelstein

US Foreign Policy The Paradox Of World Power
Steven Hook

John Stuart Mill

John Stuart Mill

Slavoj Zizek

Lawrence Freedman

War Before Civilization
Lawrence H. Keeley

Welcome To The Desert Of The Real
Slavoj Zizek

Who Governs
Robert Dahl

Words In Motion
Multiple Authors

World Systems Analysis
Immanuel Wallerstein